Braces at 30? The first thing that came up on google is how to cope with braces when you’re 30 or are you too old to have braces? Because braces over 16 sounds ridiculous right? Wrong.

We are in 2021, lets stop putting people in a box. It should not matter how old you are, because it is never too late to do something for yourself.

Also, braces are crazy expensive, not everyone had parents who could afford it back then. I clearly did not.

Do I regret putting on braces so late in my life? Of course, I wish I thought about it earlier, but the truth is it did not bother me much until like a year ago when one day I woke up, looked in the mirror, and said to myself – I am finally ready for this new journey. I was also in a better financial position which allowed me to spend a huge amount of money at once.

I always thought about putting on braces but never when through with it because I was also embarrassed to be a “brace face.”

Braces is a journey and most probably a 2 – 3 year one for many of us, so of course, I had to think long and hard about this since putting on braces can also take a knock on your self-confidence.

Braces will teach you patience and consistency.

For some reason, people look at 30-year-olds with braces differently. Like we are having a midlife crisis or something. Luckily now, we all have to wear masks for the next year or two. Ha ha!

For years, I struggled with low self-esteem. I never liked looking in the mirror or bothered taking care of my body but two years ago, all that changed. After 3 kids and post-natal depression, it felt like a light bulb went on for me.

Moms can and should look good too! There is no such thing as your life is over when you get married and become a mom, it is quite the opposite. You discover so much more about yourself and what that means for your family.

You know that saying you cannot pour from an empty cup?

I am finally in a happy space where I am loving myself more and embracing who I am becoming.

Braces at 30 is not a trend, it is us adults realising that we can still do what we need to do, to feel and look good because age is just a number.

braces at 30

Yes, it does feel weird at times when I am at the orthodontist surrounded by 13-year-olds but I have also noticed recently how many more adults are walking through those doors.

I can already see a change in my teeth even though I still have a long way to go! I am excited to see how everything unfolds in the next few months and will definitely keep you updated.

Yes, I have also become that person who watches way too many YouTube videos on braces, what to eat, etc. so if you are keen to find out more about what the beginning was for me, click here.